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Finding Balance is Easier Than You Think

The medicine wheel represents different teaching, values, and beliefs. It has four quadrants that each represent a variety of attributes like those found in nature, such as the four seasons or directions. The circular shape (sometimes referred to as a "hoop") represents the interconnectivity of all elements defined by this medicine wheel. It helps us remember that balance in every aspect of life matters.

Its four states include physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental quadrants, each represented by its own color on the circular shape. In the Indigenous culture, balance is key to holistic wellness. It is essential to address the needs of each of the four states of being. When one aspect of ourselves is neglected, it can throw off balance and lead to an unhelpful lifestyle.

The emotions we feel every day are just part of being human, but it can be challenging if they get out of control. It is not always easy to find balance. If you are like most people, it's hard to take the time for self-reflection. We're so busy, and there is always something more important that needs our attention.

Try to really think and commit to what must be sacrificed so that the balance between work and life can thrive. Find your vision for a fulfilling future by participating in activities that sustain effectiveness over time.

Consider drawing pictures or using keywords to depict what you are doing to feed and express the various aspects of your life (physical, emotional, mental, and so on) and what you would like to do more of (physically active, creative, spiritual). You can use the medicine wheel to guide your thinking about your daily routine. How can you combine these things for maximum benefit by taking steps towards living an integrated lifestyle? It's worth trying a creative approach to find balance and accomplish a new sense of well-being. Keep exploring!

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