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Let's Clear this up

Updated: May 10, 2022

I wanted to clear the air about positive thinking. It's been getting a bum rap. Positive thinking is not pretending that bad things don't happen. Positive thinking is not denying what's happening or stuffing your feelings. Not at all. Bad things happen. Just look at what's going on in the world.

Positive thinking has to do with your focus. What you choose to focus on. It has to do with how much of your energy is devoted to negative events instead of positive events. If you spend your entire waking life focusing on negative events, you will experience a lot of negativity in your life. Period. If you continually try to focus on the good in your life then you will experience more of the good. This is just the way it works. It isn't easy but that doesn't make it impossible. Clients often tell me it's easy to be positive when everything is going just right. But when things start to go sour, they ask how do they remain positive. Here's what I tell them.

  • Acknowledge the bad and feel the feeling.

  • Ask yourself how much energy you want to give to the bad.

  • Shift your energy by looking for some good in the bad.

  • Shift your energy to some other good in your life.

We have control over how much we invest in negative people and negative events, We have been conditioned to dwell in the negative. Acknowledge and experience the negative. Don't deny it. But don't deny the positive in life either.

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