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what do all executive leaders have in common? persistence.

Persistence is an essential part of success, and it's often the difference between being successful or not. Many people with intelligence and talent fall by the wayside because they lack this invaluable skill: persisting until your dreams come true no matter how difficult things get.

Are you already familiar with the story of professional golfer Ben Hogan? Ben was in a car accident one year after winning the United States Open Championship. He was very badly injured, and the doctors were not sure if he would live. While he did survive, he was told that he wouldn’t ever be able to walk again. Ben wanted his golf clubs placed in the corner of his hospital room, and he began visualizing himself playing golf. He also had a pull-up bar attached above his bed, even though he could not move his arms. One year later, Ben Hogan won the United States Open Championship once again. The Necessity of Persistence

Persistence is not something that talent, education, or personality can replace. There are plenty of smart people who are unrecognized and many talented people that never make it. This is where persistence is necessary. By practicing persistence, you don’t avoid obstacles coming into your life; you simply develop the confidence and skills to work through them. How to Practice Persistence

The first thing you need to do is find the thing you really want. It’s not important to know why you want something…just that you want it. For persistence to begin, you must be deeply invested in your dream. You have to care enough about the outcome you seek. You persist when you pick yourself back up again when other people would stay lying down or just get up and walk away. Ordinary people did extraordinary things because they consciously recognized what they wanted. By refusing to quit, these people overcame the challenges that we all face and achieved success.This is how persistence is born. When your dream is so big, the facts don’t matter. Regardless of what someone says to you, whether it is a fact or statistic that has the odds stacked against you, your dream is bigger than these numbers, and it should not stop you. Persistence is critical to success. Without it, you will not be able to overcome the challenges that life throws at you and find fulfillment. If you would like to learn more about how I can help you reach your goals and be the best version of yourself, contact me at 216.246.9452 or

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