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Imagine your life
when you finally CRUSH
your limiting beliefs...


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About Me
You know you have limiting beliefs.
You know deep down in your heart that these limiting beliefs are holding you back from all that you desire.
If only you could CRUSH them for good!
Imagine how your life would change...more success, more confidence, more money, more time to spend doing what makes you happy.
If only you could...
You can be free from the chains that have been holding you back.


Experience the joy, fulfillment and freedom you deserve. We can make it happen sooner rather than later when we work together.

Hi, I'm Pat Schultz.


For over 6 years I've helped people just like you crush their limiting beliefs and break free from the chains that have been holding them back.

It’s not magic; it’s a process.


With the proper implementation of  a series of steps and strategies, you will experience successful advancement toward your goals.


If you've been struggling and wondering what to do, these steps will bring clarity to your goals and confidence in your ability to achieve them.  

Pat's Inspiration



My mom had a bucket-list kind of dream. At almost 90 years old though, she died without ever getting around to making her dream come true. 


I knew darn well I hadn’t been living my dream. I had settled for a life I was beginning to regret. From the world beyond, I heard my mom say, “What the heck are you waiting for?”

Do you feel disillusionment over sacrificing an important part of yourself and believing if you just worked hard enough, you would be rewarded? Do you feel the clock ticking and the years passing, yet things haven't worked out the way you wanted or expected? 

NOW is your time. If I can create the life of my dreams, then you can too. 

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Image by Łukasz Łada


NOW is the time to create the life you've always wanted. 


Are you stuck?

Tired of waiting?

Afraid to move forward?

Not sure HOW to move forward?


Together we'll accomplish the following:

  • Get clarity

  • CRUSH limiting beliefs 

  • Build confidence


  • Take transformative action 

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Looking for a keynote speaker to transform your audience?


Invite Pat to deliver her signature talk. 

"Does Your Bucket List Have a Hole In It?"


In this talk, Pat inspires people to stop waiting for someday and start creating the life they’ve always dreamed of today. 


Pat shares her "4 Critical Steps" you need to unlock your mind and soul from limiting beliefs holding you back from living your ideal life.


If you are interested in receiving my FREE guide to realizing your dream goal, please type"4 Critical Steps" in the message block below. You will receive my "4 Critical Steps" Worksheet that will get you Ready4Takeoff.

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